College or sixth form. Make the right choice. Learn who is who, learn who you are.

So you’re in your last year of High school wondering should I go to college? Perhaps you’re thinking sixth form is the best place for you? Hopefully this post will help you make a decision as both of us explain how college and sixth form lifestyles really are. Of course this cannot be a pinpoint portrayal of sixth form or college but it may provide you an insight and broaden your knowledge.

Sofeena went straight on to college after year 11 to study hairdressing whilst I on the other hand first had a failed experience of sixth form. No doubt the level of difficulty from GCSE to A level is a big gap many of you will fail to jump. My original A levels included Physics, Maths, French and Design and technology. I studied design and technology as a link course in another sixth form. I will firmly reiterate it again and again to never do a link course. The amount of pressure forced upon you to complete  work at home with no guidance  is insurmountable.  However the second sixth form I attended was also a place that did not meet my requirements which just sunk me into a deeper hole regarding my work ethic.


Sixth form I found consisted of a strict regime. It was necessary to complete large amounts of homework along with multiple tests which strictly disagreed with my independent lifestyle. The only people I found to be successful and productive in sixth form are people who were very work orientated possibly from being brought up from a family with a more profound academic background or career. Free lessons were not free lessons but ‘supervised lessons’ completely overthrowing the point of a free lesson. I felt I was pressured into doing school work at every moment which in fact became a hindrance prohibiting me the time to accomplish other activities such as playing the piano and attending the local gym. I do not perform well under stress or pressure on top of overflows of homework and revision. Needless to say ‘I got an A grade’ was no longer part of my vocabulary or a B grade for that matter. However I managed to pass all my A levels except physics that year but might I add with disappointing grades.

That following September I joined college, and what a different place it was. Free lessons became free lessons, the amount of homework given was manageable and my subject choices were even enjoyable for the most part. What will strike you in college is the different types of people, range of ethnicity, wacky hairstyles, Athletes, BTEC students etc. Everybody is recognizable after a year you seem to automatically guess what kind of group a person belongs to. Let me give you some examples:

  1. The BTEC hair and beauty girl: most likely to be wearing a uniform, a thick face of makeup and hair tied back up. This type of girl will look down at anybody with uneven or bushy eyebrows and strongly disagrees with nails that are not manicured. This species tends not to associate themselves with the hairdressing group. They can always be seen walking in a group of four or more. They are regarded as students on the easiest course in college. (If you’re reading this and you’re a BTEC hair and beauty don’t worry I commend you, please file my nails…)
  2. Hairdressing student – most likely to be wearing a uniform and complaining about bleach they just accidentally spilled on their hands. They also do not associate themselves with the hair and beauty course students and regard themselves cleverer for undertaking a harder course in comparison to hair and beauty. One can smell this student from the other side of  the corridor due to the amount of hairspray in their hair.
  3. BTEC sport student – triple striped Adidas sweatpants, Huaraches,  permed hair, and a large duffel bag. Probably regarded as the most popular students of the college however most lack common sense…. perhaps even a brain. Continue to attract almost every girl and are attracted to almost every drug.
  4. Asian student – Always found in a library arguing over some small matter. Usually the loudest people found in college but also the most friendly and polite. Consume a lot more food than the average person throughout the day and insist on stealing bits of food off your plate. Usually the shortest group of people of people found in a college.
  5. Construction student – usually found outside smoking. rarely seen but often in a similar group of friends to BTEC sports students. Often seen flexing their arms in the canteen.
  6. Stoners – Smoke weed, eat weed,  wear weed, Be weed. Commonly found strumming a guitar they have no idea how to play.
  7. Musicians – Music is life. Always found as a group performing music or talking about music. Commonly carrying guitars.
  8. Fashion gurus – Dressed up. Wearing clothes way to expensive and flashy to be worn to college. Only wear MAC makeup. Could be nice people if they didn’t try to act like a celebrity
  9. Culinary students – Not much to say. Usually seen walking around college in this outfit

Please don’t hate me for being judgmental I am just providing an idea of the types of people one can find at college. Obviously not everyone will fit these categories but I assure you there will be someone that you know that relates to that stereotypical character. I’ve probably missed a few stereotypes out….

To conclude everything: If you are an independent person who likes to construct their own timetable, working methods and wants time to themselves I’d highly recommend college. If you are someone that is not so independent and needs structure to their week and feels they can handle a high work load choose sixth form.

Do not treat college as somewhere where dumber students go as I assure you some of the smartest people I have met are at college. I am still going to achieve 3 A levels at college this year just like I would in sixth form. For both of us College was the better choice out of the two


– Stephen


10 most annoying things about her

1. Her name is Sofeena and before you ask what it means, it doesn’t mean a thing. However she hates been called Sofeena and would rather be called Sof, doesn’t sof sound like a small teddy bear?

2. She can be phone obsessive and by obsessive I mean never putting down her mobile phone. You could be having a very special moment and out of the corner of your eye you’d see a phone slipping out in order to check her social  media.  Quit it.

3. She’s very stubborn in an argument. No matter who is in the right or wrong guess who has to give the speech of shame in the end? Me.

4. She always gets to choose the movie. Forget my excellent movie selection because if its mine she’s automatically like “cya later.”

5. Always lies about what I look like. I’ll have that new fresh Will Smith 2016 haircut look. For the next  few days she says how much she likes it. 2 months later on once its grown she doesn’t stop going on about how bad that haircut was.

6. If I wanted to sleep with a beaver I would. Once she starts snoring that’s it, you might as well pack your bags and leave because you won’t be sleeping that night.

7. Is it just me or does your girlfriend/fiancee tease you in certain ways or pep talk you all day about what you guys are doing that night. Only to find as soon as you get home she goes to sleep forgetting about our plans.

8. Even now as we write our blog she won’t accept I’m correct about how to construct the blog. She will go off on her own until she realises…’ohhh perhaps he was right.’ Let me say this is only after a long spree of verbal abuse and grumpiness.

9. She thinks she’s been to more countries than me… if only she knew malta, majorca, catalonia, tenerife are all in spain. Oh  she better understand Africa is made up of 52 countries not just 1…

10. She always wants something NOW. She can never wait for something. Patience is a virtue.



10 most annoying things about him

1)It annoys me how you always play pranks on me.. let’s elaborate shall we….

So we’ve recently been to Paris together and had the best 6 days doing everything we loved.. on the 5th day I woke up as normal and went to brush my teeth. Stephen said “My toothbrush tastes weird” I didn’t think anything at the time until I tasted mine. My toothbrush also tasted weird but I carried on brushing anyway. Only when we arrived home from Paris did I find out my toothbrush had soap on it and his was perfectly normal. Cheers for that Stevo, much appreciated.

I think this other prank has been played on me around 4 times now and luckily he’s always forgot to film it. I’ll go out of the room for something and when I come back he’ll say “oh get that for me please” me being the nice fiancee I am goes to get it.. I reach for the item and see a big fat realistic spider there, trust me I know he plays it all the time but it still scares the beep out of me. (Update- the spider has been thrown behind the wardrobe now so no more spider pranks.)

I could go on forever but I’ll just do one more. We’ll go out somewhere and he’ll run off from me which I think nothing of. When I get to where I need to be he jumps out and scares me.. I’m sure he’s not 18 he acts his shoe size (8). Even just as he was about to propose we walked up the Conwy Castle walls and he ran off from me in the pitch black, I wasn’t too pleased to say the least.

2) My pet hate is sharing a bed with someone who nabs the quilt off you so I think you can guess what else annoy’s me about him.

We’ll be asleep for hours and suddenly I’ll wake up in a refrigerator, he’ll nab the quilt and hold onto it for his life (without even realising) so I jump out of bed and pull it all to my side, payback!!!

3) Many people who know me know I love my sleep. So that means I do not wish to wake up at 8:30 when my alarm is set for 11, he wakes up too early for my liking.

4) Stephen really hates the noise of a clock ticking (I have one in my bedroom). Every night he stays he has to put his headphones in to get to sleep. So I’m trying to get to sleep and I think of something important. I Talk for about 5 minutes straight only to find out he’s half asleep listening to Hans Zimmer, looks like I won’t be getting a response from him.

5) When I’m annoyed about something and in a mood he’ll repeat everything I say. Ok I admit sometimes he makes me laugh but the point is I’m ranting, I’m not meant to laugh.

6) If I’m trying to purposely ignore him (It’s what we both do a lot, don’t ask) he’ll sing a song he made up in Paris and whenever he does I can’t help but laugh. That then defeats the point of me ‘ignoring him’. The song goes a little like “sofeenaaa baby..” (I always crack after them two words so I’ll admit I don’t know the rest but i’m judging you if you didn’t sing it like “santa baby..”.

7) One thing that really annoys me about him is he gets in moods so easily. Sometimes for pointless reasons too.. When he’s quiet I’ll ask him “why are you being moody?” and he’ll answer “I’m not” only later to recieve a message saying why he was actually in a mood. What’s the point Stevo K?

8) Ok so I’m quite a gullible person (sometimes over really stupid things too). I hate how smart he is in the ways of being deceiving. He’ll tell me something I know for a fact isn’t true but he says it so meaningful I start to believe it’s true and then he doesn’t stop laughing.

9) This isn’t really something I hate but I’m running out ideas because who could hate someone as great as my fiance. But growing up Stephen has also been a quick eater so to stop now isn’t easy for him. We’ll go out for a meal and he’ll have finished the majority of his meal by the time I’ve picked up my knife and fork. I will admit over the months he’s become a lot better but it’s still hard to keep up with him.

10) Last but not least we are both so stubborn. Normal relationships are bound to go through their up’s and down’s but when it comes to arguments not one of us will back down. We’ll go on for hours just bringing up petty things as no one wants to back down. All we do to get over it is laugh because we both know how ridiculous it is.

So the point of this was to show you all that behind a ‘perfect’ relationship there is some flaws but it’s about overcoming them and talking about any problems you may have with one an other. If you really want the relationship to work you’ll do your damnedest to make sure it does. Stephen Kelly no matter how much you annoy me at times I wouldn’t swap you for anyone, I love you loser xxx

– – Sofeena


















The Engagement

A small story on how I asked this one girl to marry me

Some might call a relationship of four months meaningless never mind an engagement within four months. After a previously failed relationship last year due to jealousy, anger and lack of trust it was a daring idea on our part to become the ultimate new and improved couple. Guess what? ‘you’re too young’…..’you’ll cheat on each other’… these comments don’t make an ounce of difference because we are for each other. Below you can admire our first date selfie in Chester.


All year long we had worked together at a small town restaurant at the top of Llandudno, just a four minute walk from the sea. I highly recommend you try our pizza and paninis with the excellent service provided; big up my fiancee, my mother in law, Gabriella, Lucy, Lucia etc. Throughout the year there wasn’t one shift where I didn’t receive a cup full of ice down my back. Nevertheless I had my own tricks; vinegar and lemonade cocktail a specialty the girls loved yet seemed to always gag at. Or perhaps locking Sofeena out the back door.  These pranks were meaningless but brought us closer throughout the year although we had no idea it would lead to this.

Our relationship kicked off on the 25th August 2015 after a celebratory night out at the nearest decent nightclub to celebrate Sof passing her driving test. (I have no idea how to this day, perhaps she’s kept the secret of paying the examiner off to herself). Skip a month or two we were in Paris indulging in breathtaking views from the eiffel tower, montparnasse tower and seine river,  practically inhaling whatever  food we could find from every restaurant in Paris.


Above you see my beautiful travel partner. Here I knew she was the one,so why not take it that step further and ask her to marry me… after all there’s nobody I’d rather spend my life with. I believe in life always take the risk of making a big decision, if it feels right to you and you only. Never involve yourself with others opinions. 

After a brief insight into our relationship I present to you the readers who must wonder how someone like me proposes to a girl like Sofeena. After thinking about the missed opportunity of proposing in Paris… wouldn’t that have been too predictable anyway? I guess there’s nothing quite like becoming engaged under the Eiffel tower or maybe on the seine river cruise looking across at the illuminations. No maybe not but how about somewhere close to home a place we could always visit where we painfully walked up and down Conwy castle town walls before I got the courage to propose and make her mine for the rest of my life.

Believe me when you propose that passionate adoring speech to the one you love that you had prepared and had rehearsed many times in your head disappears. Instead it went a little like this:

“Sofeena I love you so much and I hope you love me just as much…. this means we are about to spend the rest of our life together…. Oh and once I do this there’s no going back..”

I waited expectantly on one knee, my fingers slipping a ring on her finger waiting for her answer…..She then looked at me: “Are you going to ask me to marry you?”  I froze…what kind of fool forgets the most important words of a proposal? I hadn’t even asked ‘Will you marry me.’With the imagination of a perfect proposal slowly slipping away I sheepishly uttered the words “Will you marry me”.



To conclude tonight’s blog I strongly hope you readers will always make your own life choices regardless of people’s opinions. Do not miss out on a date because  your friends don’t like him/her because maybe he/she isn’t popular enough. Do not end a relationship because of what your parents think. Be with someone because you love who they are, how they act, how they smile at you… because they make you feel on top of the world. Black can love white it just takes a little bit of courage for some.

– Stephen