The Engagement

A small story on how I asked this one girl to marry me

Some might call a relationship of four months meaningless never mind an engagement within four months. After a previously failed relationship last year due to jealousy, anger and lack of trust it was a daring idea on our part to become the ultimate new and improved couple. Guess what? ‘you’re too young’…..’you’ll cheat on each other’… these comments don’t make an ounce of difference because we are for each other. Below you can admire our first date selfie in Chester.


All year long we had worked together at a small town restaurant at the top of Llandudno, just a four minute walk from the sea. I highly recommend you try our pizza and paninis with the excellent service provided; big up my fiancee, my mother in law, Gabriella, Lucy, Lucia etc. Throughout the year there wasn’t one shift where I didn’t receive a cup full of ice down my back. Nevertheless I had my own tricks; vinegar and lemonade cocktail a specialty the girls loved yet seemed to always gag at. Or perhaps locking Sofeena out the back door.  These pranks were meaningless but brought us closer throughout the year although we had no idea it would lead to this.

Our relationship kicked off on the 25th August 2015 after a celebratory night out at the nearest decent nightclub to celebrate Sof passing her driving test. (I have no idea how to this day, perhaps she’s kept the secret of paying the examiner off to herself). Skip a month or two we were in Paris indulging in breathtaking views from the eiffel tower, montparnasse tower and seine river,  practically inhaling whatever  food we could find from every restaurant in Paris.


Above you see my beautiful travel partner. Here I knew she was the one,so why not take it that step further and ask her to marry me… after all there’s nobody I’d rather spend my life with. I believe in life always take the risk of making a big decision, if it feels right to you and you only. Never involve yourself with others opinions. 

After a brief insight into our relationship I present to you the readers who must wonder how someone like me proposes to a girl like Sofeena. After thinking about the missed opportunity of proposing in Paris… wouldn’t that have been too predictable anyway? I guess there’s nothing quite like becoming engaged under the Eiffel tower or maybe on the seine river cruise looking across at the illuminations. No maybe not but how about somewhere close to home a place we could always visit where we painfully walked up and down Conwy castle town walls before I got the courage to propose and make her mine for the rest of my life.

Believe me when you propose that passionate adoring speech to the one you love that you had prepared and had rehearsed many times in your head disappears. Instead it went a little like this:

“Sofeena I love you so much and I hope you love me just as much…. this means we are about to spend the rest of our life together…. Oh and once I do this there’s no going back..”

I waited expectantly on one knee, my fingers slipping a ring on her finger waiting for her answer…..She then looked at me: “Are you going to ask me to marry you?”  I froze…what kind of fool forgets the most important words of a proposal? I hadn’t even asked ‘Will you marry me.’With the imagination of a perfect proposal slowly slipping away I sheepishly uttered the words “Will you marry me”.



To conclude tonight’s blog I strongly hope you readers will always make your own life choices regardless of people’s opinions. Do not miss out on a date because  your friends don’t like him/her because maybe he/she isn’t popular enough. Do not end a relationship because of what your parents think. Be with someone because you love who they are, how they act, how they smile at you… because they make you feel on top of the world. Black can love white it just takes a little bit of courage for some.

– Stephen

Author: The Interracial Relationship

We're 19 and engaged.

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