10 most annoying things about her

1. Her name is Sofeena and before you ask what it means, it doesn’t mean a thing. However she hates been called Sofeena and would rather be called Sof, doesn’t sof sound like a small teddy bear?

2. She can be phone obsessive and by obsessive I mean never putting down her mobile phone. You could be having a very special moment and out of the corner of your eye you’d see a phone slipping out in order to check her social  media.  Quit it.

3. She’s very stubborn in an argument. No matter who is in the right or wrong guess who has to give the speech of shame in the end? Me.

4. She always gets to choose the movie. Forget my excellent movie selection because if its mine she’s automatically like “cya later.”

5. Always lies about what I look like. I’ll have that new fresh Will Smith 2016 haircut look. For the next  few days she says how much she likes it. 2 months later on once its grown she doesn’t stop going on about how bad that haircut was.

6. If I wanted to sleep with a beaver I would. Once she starts snoring that’s it, you might as well pack your bags and leave because you won’t be sleeping that night.

7. Is it just me or does your girlfriend/fiancee tease you in certain ways or pep talk you all day about what you guys are doing that night. Only to find as soon as you get home she goes to sleep forgetting about our plans.

8. Even now as we write our blog she won’t accept I’m correct about how to construct the blog. She will go off on her own until she realises…’ohhh perhaps he was right.’ Let me say this is only after a long spree of verbal abuse and grumpiness.

9. She thinks she’s been to more countries than me… if only she knew malta, majorca, catalonia, tenerife are all in spain. Oh  she better understand Africa is made up of 52 countries not just 1…

10. She always wants something NOW. She can never wait for something. Patience is a virtue.



Author: The Interracial Relationship

We're 19 and engaged.

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