A guide for newbies on how to set up a youtube channel

I’m sure each and everyone of you has always wondered about setting up a youtube channel – which is why you’re on this page right now. The main question in many people’s minds are ‘how much money will I make if I set up a youtube?’ The reality of this is next to non unless you already have a million subscribers and millions of views which would then lead us to ask why are you reading this. Do not bother going into the youtube industry if your main focus point is money. You have to have a passion or niche you’d be interested in; to  be able to deliver content to viewers which would really highlight your passion or expertise about a particular topic.

So if you’re continuing to read this you must have an idea in your head of what kind of videos you would want to produce so let’s get started. Firstly you’ll want to gather all the equipment you have for filming your videos. Now this includes mobile phones, tripods, lighting, cameras and a setting to film your videos. For example in our first video we used the equipment below:

  1. samsung galaxy S6 for audio and filming videos at the highest resolution (Ultra HD)
  2. A makeshift tripod to position the camera as shown below:

    Perhaps we should enter a competition involving stacking random room furniture!
  3. ceiling spotlights (low intensity)

We  used a plain white wall as our background, having a white clear wall as your background just makes the video seem more professional! This also means you don’t have to spend hundred of pounds/dollars setting up a studio just for a youtube video.

Okay so presumably you ideally have similar equipment or probably much better! If you don’t, just having a smartphone is already your cue to start your youtube channel. It’s always good to have content in your first video regarding the style of your videos and the content you will be delivering to your fan base. Make a short welcome video,  don’t worry it doesn’t have to look professional ours wasn’t check it out:


Secondly you want to let viewers know when you will be uploading videos for example every Sunday at 7pm. Include all your social media underneath in the subscription. OH and don’t forget to think up a really CATCHY TITLE. Having a catchy title will drive your view count up by attracting more visitors and the video will more likely to be shared. Some readers will not be reading your discription under the video so it is important to let your viewers know what they will be watching.

Okay so you’ve just published your first video and you seem to be getting a rather lot of dislikes. Stop worrying and just get working on your second video. If you have shared your video within your local community there are bound to be people that dislike you so will  be clicking the dislike button at every opportunity they get. Some people don’t like to see others being successful so their way of putting you down will be to dislike your videos. This is often the case, HOWEVER some people may actually just not like the way you delivered your content (You might have spoke to slow or just not appealed to them). So try to comprehend  why those people disliked your video and maybe change up how you produce your videos. CONSTRUCTIVE COMMENTS are great for knowing what you did wrong and knowing how to improve in your next videos.

A criticism for the above video was the way Stephen said ‘Obviously I’m from a different country…’ Stephen  did not mean to be racist in any way he just thought people would recognise sofeena was from this country and he was not. However this was evidently a big mistake and we are sorry if this video offended anyone.

You might be waiting around after you’ve posted your video wondering why you’re not getting many subscribers, one important key to generating traffic is CREATIVE CHANNEL ART. You do not need photoshop or other expensive editing software to produce professional and creative  attractive headers or logos. Use websites such as PICMONKEY to create your header like ours below:header 1.png

You will often see youtubers have a logo, usually located in the bottom right of the video. How do you make a logo and how do you insert that logo on your videos? It’s actually really easy; use a free logo making website such as to produce simple but effective logos which will make your videos much harder to steal by other people! Check out our logo:

Once you’ve start receiving above 500 views or more it is time to invest in some better equipment, we will try and recommend some equipment for you at the cheapest possible price.

Lighting is one of the most effective ways of making your videos look more professional. If you watch Zoella, Emily Canham, Jake Boys or various other you tubers they all use a form of lighting. The most common form of lighting is using two softbox lights to generate a day light ambience which highlights your face this is specially important for you girls or boys hoping to do makeup tutorials. In your case it would be useful to also invest in a ring light which surrounds the camera and brings about a nice glow to your face. LIGHTING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN A CAMERA. Lighting is extremely important and will make your videos look ten times better even when filming with your iPhone or samsung! Check out this American sweets video we filmed and compare it to our first video. A link to the softbox lights we purchased have been provided at the bottom.

Your Audio quality can also be improved dramatically by using the free open source software audacity. DOWNLOAD AUDACITY and in post processing you can export your audio to the programme where you will be able to remove background noise, increase bass and many other things.

After you’ve filmed all your footage you’re going to want to get rid of all those ‘umms’ and ‘errs’ and the various other mistakes you make so we need an editing software. For mac users you are already provided with iMovie which will have all the tools available for a reasonable video, for windows users I suggest downloading windows movie maker (Don’t worry its free). However these two programmes are just not up to scratch when you want to render and produce as higher quality video. We suggest downloading….we mean buying sony vegas pro 13. Search youtube with this exact line, ‘How to get sony vegas pro 13 for free’.

CRACK…CRACK…CRACK… (you’ll understand what we mean if you download it)

Once you have your editing software you’ll be ready to edit your videos to a professional standard.

It’s now time to buy a new camera and you have no idea what to buy.

Zoe’s youtube videos she stresses only to use the Canon 700D at a price of $800, Sam’s is saying no no no you have to use a Panasonic lumix DMC-FZ72EB-K bridge camera.

You don’t know who to believe. you barely even know how to operate your smartphone camera never mind a professional one.

Unless you have a big budget do not invest in the biggest or the best, invest in a camera with these key specifications

  1. it must record in 1080p
  2. It must be suited to your style of video – if you film in the same place and don’t move about it might be better to invest in a bulkier camera build. However if your style of videos are vlogs it is better to invest in a compact slim camera that can handle some knocks if you drop it! Vloggers often like a camera with a flip-out screen in order to see themselves while recording.
  3. Consider the audio quality of the camera – many pick up a lot of white noise which makes the audio undesirable to listen to.

These are the three main aspects when deciding on a camera for youtube! I stress a camera for youtube as I know you photography lovers will be thinking “What about exposure or the ISO and video stabilisation and the lens etc” yes it is useful to know these points however if you are just starting out with youtube it’s better purchase a camera with these specifications that will be simple to use but still allow you to produce some awesome videos! We recommend the canon G7 x with a retail price of around £350, but make sure to check out eBay, you could find a refurbished or second hand camera for a great price!

A flip-up screen for great selfies!

High quality audio is also very important we will not delve into providing much information about audio since we are very new to the whole concept of microphones. We researched low and high to find that the blue yeti microphone priced at £99 from PC world was very highly recommended and is a microphone we currently use! However if you’re on a budget you can still buy a cheap  microphone that attaches to your shirt or Tee shirt and still produces great quality audio! The links are at the end of the page.

For great quality audio! It comes in black, silver and white.

One final thing: you will need a tripod for your camera if you don’t want to waste time making your own makeshift tripod. We recommend a sturdy Velbon EF-41 tripod with a maximum height of 57.5 inches which will be suitable for most videos. We purchased this product for £19.99 from PC world.

For shooting footage and a sturdy tripod!

We are still new to the whole new youtube industry but we hope people with absolutely no idea how to start a youtube now have some useful information! We assure you making youtube videos is fun and a great hobby! You could also get the chance to meet some really great people. If you would like us to write, produce a video or blog on how to monetize your videos or how to use our suggested editing software please comment below!

– Sofeena and Stephen

Links to products we use:

Blue yeti microphone:

Softbox lights:

Velbon EF-41 Tripod:

Canon G7 x:









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