10 most annoying things about him

1)It annoys me how you always play pranks on me.. let’s elaborate shall we….

So we’ve recently been to Paris together and had the best 6 days doing everything we loved.. on the 5th day I woke up as normal and went to brush my teeth. Stephen said “My toothbrush tastes weird” I didn’t think anything at the time until I tasted mine. My toothbrush also tasted weird but I carried on brushing anyway. Only when we arrived home from Paris did I find out my toothbrush had soap on it and his was perfectly normal. Cheers for that Stevo, much appreciated.

I think this other prank has been played on me around 4 times now and luckily he’s always forgot to film it. I’ll go out of the room for something and when I come back he’ll say “oh get that for me please” me being the nice fiancee I am goes to get it.. I reach for the item and see a big fat realistic spider there, trust me I know he plays it all the time but it still scares the beep out of me. (Update- the spider has been thrown behind the wardrobe now so no more spider pranks.)

I could go on forever but I’ll just do one more. We’ll go out somewhere and he’ll run off from me which I think nothing of. When I get to where I need to be he jumps out and scares me.. I’m sure he’s not 18 he acts his shoe size (8). Even just as he was about to propose we walked up the Conwy Castle walls and he ran off from me in the pitch black, I wasn’t too pleased to say the least.

2) My pet hate is sharing a bed with someone who nabs the quilt off you so I think you can guess what else annoy’s me about him.

We’ll be asleep for hours and suddenly I’ll wake up in a refrigerator, he’ll nab the quilt and hold onto it for his life (without even realising) so I jump out of bed and pull it all to my side, payback!!!

3) Many people who know me know I love my sleep. So that means I do not wish to wake up at 8:30 when my alarm is set for 11, he wakes up too early for my liking.

4) Stephen really hates the noise of a clock ticking (I have one in my bedroom). Every night he stays he has to put his headphones in to get to sleep. So I’m trying to get to sleep and I think of something important. I Talk for about 5 minutes straight only to find out he’s half asleep listening to Hans Zimmer, looks like I won’t be getting a response from him.

5) When I’m annoyed about something and in a mood he’ll repeat everything I say. Ok I admit sometimes he makes me laugh but the point is I’m ranting, I’m not meant to laugh.

6) If I’m trying to purposely ignore him (It’s what we both do a lot, don’t ask) he’ll sing a song he made up in Paris and whenever he does I can’t help but laugh. That then defeats the point of me ‘ignoring him’. The song goes a little like “sofeenaaa baby..” (I always crack after them two words so I’ll admit I don’t know the rest but i’m judging you if you didn’t sing it like “santa baby..”.

7) One thing that really annoys me about him is he gets in moods so easily. Sometimes for pointless reasons too.. When he’s quiet I’ll ask him “why are you being moody?” and he’ll answer “I’m not” only later to recieve a message saying why he was actually in a mood. What’s the point Stevo K?

8) Ok so I’m quite a gullible person (sometimes over really stupid things too). I hate how smart he is in the ways of being deceiving. He’ll tell me something I know for a fact isn’t true but he says it so meaningful I start to believe it’s true and then he doesn’t stop laughing.

9) This isn’t really something I hate but I’m running out ideas because who could hate someone as great as my fiance. But growing up Stephen has also been a quick eater so to stop now isn’t easy for him. We’ll go out for a meal and he’ll have finished the majority of his meal by the time I’ve picked up my knife and fork. I will admit over the months he’s become a lot better but it’s still hard to keep up with him.

10) Last but not least we are both so stubborn. Normal relationships are bound to go through their up’s and down’s but when it comes to arguments not one of us will back down. We’ll go on for hours just bringing up petty things as no one wants to back down. All we do to get over it is laugh because we both know how ridiculous it is.

So the point of this was to show you all that behind a ‘perfect’ relationship there is some flaws but it’s about overcoming them and talking about any problems you may have with one an other. If you really want the relationship to work you’ll do your damnedest to make sure it does. Stephen Kelly no matter how much you annoy me at times I wouldn’t swap you for anyone, I love you loser xxx

– – Sofeena