Admittedly my blog posts have been irregular and sprung upon our followers out of the blue, so I do apologize for being so unprofessional. However something that has sprung to mind is a change in my perspective of some modern day relationships.

Firstly let’s approach technology. I respect that technology is always going to develop at an exponential rate and I am all for it but is talking to your partner mainly through texting or Facebook good for your relationship?

Even in our own relationship we sometimes find that the time we should be spending talking to each other is spent on our phones. A screen seems so important, we don’t want to miss out on the latest trending YouTube video, or perhaps miss the  latest episode of a series. Let me break it down for you simply, one day that person you love might not be around, unfortunate events could take place, so how would you feel? If you are in a relationship I urge you to spend time together, talk to each other, be intimate, put your phones down for an hour or two to go on a walk! You’re in a relationship to build a bond of trust, love and happiness. Work on your relationship, there’s always going to be  improvement to be made.

Something else I hate is people making fun of couples and considering them ‘cringey’. Yes there are limits I don’t particularly want to see Sam chewing Emma’s face off either  but leave them to it! People are so quick to judge other couples, perhaps due to problems in their own relationships or previous bad relationships – but why put other people down?

Recently Sofeena and I started up a YouTube channel because it’s FUN; we get to spend time together laughing at our mistakes and fooling around trying to dodge cameras and makeshift tripods to shoot our videos! Some people don’t like that, they don’t want to see a happy couple trying to have fun; two people trying to have a joint hobby to spend time with each other. The thing is I know the people who comment on our relationship will be reading this blog post right now, so if you do not like us why continue to view our content? Why continue to go to school to spend a lunch time degrading our relationship. Did your last relationship fuck you over that bad you  try to make other couples feel insecure?

One final point I want to make is about the looks of a person. I often hear people saying comments such as “ew why is he with her” or ” How the hell did she get with him.” SHUT UP, maybe she thinks HE’S the most good looking boy she’s ever met, perhaps he can make HER smile at his foolish antics every minute of the day. I know there are so many relationships that are simply not happening due to popularity or particular friendship groups. Forget what everyone else says about him/her BE you, DO what you want and date WHOEVER THE FUCK you want.

You can check out our YouTube by searching for the interracial relationship, a link has been provided on the page. Oh and just one more thing many have wondered what the point of our youtube. It is for FUN, however we hope to move to london in september so extra income would be very much appreciated. That’s why we urge you to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to our channel. 

I’m out – stevo